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An Elephant's Tail


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The Five Animal Friends


Lee O the little lion cub lives with his family in a game reserve, somewhere in Africa. His best friends are Manji the small Meerkat, Bongo the young baboon, Hevi the hippo calf and Vile the little vulture. Every day brings a new and exciting adventure for them, and each Animal Adventures in Africa story tells of their amazing escapades! The five animal friends love the game reserve they live in. Because they are kind, loyal and good at heart, they often risk their own lives to look after the environment they inhabit, and help save the lives of other animals - especially those that are endangered.




Where the Five Friends live

The five friends live in a beautiful, wild game reserve somewhere in the south of Africa, in one of the oldest conservation areas on the continent. The game reserve has lots of different animals and vegetation on it, including grasslands, wetlands and an old sand forest that protects ancient trees.